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Carlos is canonically bad at communicating directly. Especially when it comes to abstract things like emotions. He has used very basic language (first I was sad, but then I was happy!) to describe how he felt while working on the device to deflect the light of the Smiling God, indicating that he doesn’t have the vocabulary to describe them further yet.
He’s trying, but it’s also possible that he hasn’t been able to quite understand why it’s important to be able to communicate how he feels, because he thinks that there’s no need for him to do so. That he thinks he has communicated clearly while Cecil is still not quite sure what he’s saying.

To get personal for a moment, I have this problem. I’ve had to build up a whole vocabulary just to express myself when it comes to my chronic pain. From the beginning, I couldn’t describe it in more detail than “it hurts” because I didn’t understand the different words physicians use to describe pain, and I simply didn’t have the words for what I was experiencing.

But it was also frustrating when I started getting better at it because I would express myself in a (to me at least) clear fashion, but the person I spoke to still didn’t understand me. It’s not something you learn right away. You have to train your brain to recognize when you are not being clear enough and learn how to formulate your thoughts in a different way.

If this is something Carlos has trouble with, it’s been about a year since Cecil has brought it up with him. It’s not a very long time to practice. If we also take their interaction in Condos to be one of the first times they say “I love you” to each other, but also at the same time, Carlos brings up getting a home together. He hasn’t communicated this wish to Cecil, but it’s possible that he thinks that he’s hinted at it when he really hasn’t.

He’s also stated that he’s lost sense of time while being there. Add in that he does get caught up in his work. It’s likely that even though he’s called and talked to Cecil, he isn’t quite aware of how long he’s been there. Add in that there could be a time difference or some other kind of distortion and it just heaps on the problems.

Carlos is bad at communicating verbally. But he communicates better with actions, even if those actions may not be well thought-through. A problem that can come up there is that he could think that the actions he’s done are enough to show Cecil he loves him. I have that problem myself, where actions are enough for me to believe that the people around me love me. I’m lucky enough that the people around me seem content with that too, but that’s not always the case.

He’s stuck in an otherworld with no apparent way out of there, either back to Night Vale or otherwise. The place works almost completely different than what he’s used to, and while he must be excited to learn more, it must be exhausting too. I’m not sure why this makes him a bad person to some people.

He’s trying to cope with an extreme situation by defaulting to his I Am A Scientist persona because that’s familiar. It’s safe, and he knows how to be A Scientist even if he doesn’t know how to deal with anything else right now.

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